domain names – free advice on picking best one

Bajki dla dzieci

Picking right domain names for your business is critical for your online success. Here you have advices that can help you pick the best one.

First – you need to answer to yourself important question. Will the domain names be expected to be told and remembered or rather searched online. Lets explore both options:

  1. domain names told and remembered
    you need to keep it simple and easy to remember. You should rather avoid generic names and avoid dashes, dots and make it short. Watch out for all spelling errors. If you have company that does laundry in SmallVille and your company name and sign over the door is Grandma Bertha Dry Cleaning – make it
    Here you need to be especially careful about availability – lots of .com domains are taken, you usually have some variations left but they are not as easy to remember.
  2. domain names searched
    here generics are more ok. Also dividing with dashes, hyphens etc ok. Longer ones are ok as you can put more words there. With example above – make it rather Check for availability here as well. Lots are taken but you usually have some options.

More free domain names advices in next article that is coming soon. If you want to check hosting options and buying options – click here. Come back often!


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