Google optimization – how I blew it

One of the ways I use my blog is to test various search optimization techniques. I’ve written successful post with review of expedia as flight booking website and optimized it to get high ranking. I got pretty high in some good keywords and was playing with it a bit. I’ve written two other posts about my experience there – you can see them here and here.

Encouraged by good results (I got ranked first before expedia for “flight booking website”) I continued optimization effort. And suddenly it all blew up – I disappeared from Google rank almost totally. I got detected by Google as spammer and de-listed.

If you are interested what made me there here is it – first read my google optimization updateon what worked for me right before I got delisted.

I haven’t stopped there and tried on. I’ve focused on “flight booking” to improve my ranking there. The way I wanted to do it was by introducing this term as “category” in wordpress. Benefit of such setup was huge – with this there was page created in WordPress listing all articles in category “flight booking”. Link from such great source as is great boost for rank. That’s at least how it should be…

For me – that was last action – I disappeared then. What normally is big benefit was this time nail to my SEO coffin. Reasons for this:

  • this link was from place not related to flight booking – potential hint that it’s spam
  • I simply overdo this – keywords related to flight booking within article were very dense
  • another possible theory (anyone can confirm?) is that google tracks history of my ranking – this constant improvement, especially via content changes and links from strange places over short time – this may be treated as warning sign by Google.

So – be careful with your optimization efforts. Don’t blew it! To end on more positive note – in next post I’ll write happy end of the story. I’m back in the ranking now. How I get back to SEO business for “flight booking website” – read soon.


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