Viral marketing – how to reach executive decision makers?

When we hear term viral marketing we often picture another clip that is so funny that everybody passes it to each other. Provided it contains marketing message (brand logo) – it’s viral campaign. And it can be indeed very successful. I’m sure most of you have already seen Berlitz ad about German coastguard (What are you sinking about?).

The problem starts when you enter B2B space. Also – if you want to target higher in the ranks – these busy managers and executives are less and less likely to pass on fun emails. Is it then at all possible to reach them with viral campaign?

Here is my idea. How about sponsoring valuable white paper or industry analysis and survey? If you are webmarketing agency and you sponsor good and complete survey analysing online market in all European countries – I will be happy to get it and I will pass it on to my colleagues and co-workers. Benefits are big:

  • you are sure you reach right target (provided you choose your study topic well)
  • customers are more open for your message – they got it recommended from their trusted sources (co-workers and colleagues)
  • well chosen topic of study can be call-to-action as well
  • you establish your company as expert in field

If you have good white paper and analysis of European online market – status and trends – pass it to me. All your comments are also welcome.


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