Banner ads – advanced targeting idea

There are lots of opportunities for banner targeting and I don’t plan to catalogue them. I want to share with you ideas that I’ve found very useful and is often overlooked. It’s targeting at specific customer. Especially if you are working in enterprise market where you have limited number of key customers that can be highly effective.

Typical enterprise customers are seen as coming from single domain or range of IP addresses. Both are easy to target within ad server. Now – put yourself into shoes of employee of corporation. You would be nicelly surprised seeing ad that features your company imaginery and message that speaks very directly to you.

It can be holiday greetings (for Chistmass or Hanuka) or highly targeted promotion or special offer. Imagine you are coming to your bank or flight booking engine seeing such tailored message and offer. It can also create viral effect as the employees can be passing “See this!” messages to each others. Especially if you make it light, fun and appealing.

Do you have your own examples? ideas? feedback? Comments are welcome!


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