Why are all links to my blog gone?

I usually write about things I understand and know pretty well. I share my feedback and ideas. Here is something I’d like to get your opinions on. Do you know search engines well? Do you know Google well? Does the term – Search Engine Optimization ring a bell for you? Here is my situation…

I do blogging for some time now and am quite activelly posting, commenting and linking. When I’m commenting I put link back to my blog. Recently I wanted to check the pages that link back to my blog. As part of their blogroll but also all others. So I’ve turned to Google for it.

  • The Google search returned 0 results. That was really strange. Especially that I know many of the links back as I got traffic from them – I see them within my referrers report.
  • Google report was especially surprising as on Google’s own blog search I got some links back. Not too many but certailny they were missing from regular Google search. What does it mean? That blog links are not regular links?
  • As a test I’ve searched also MSN and I got 75 results. The number sounded more reasonable but still I haven’t seen links which were coming from comments I’ve made…

Why do I care? Number of links pointing to my site makes difference when Google ranks my site in natural results. If Google sees many links – my site should show up higher in results.

Any ideas why this is happening? Why Google doesn’t see links that they even see in their own blog search? Why the links from blog comments are not recognized by search engines? All comments welcome!

Answer came from Matt Cutts blog – Google updates links and refreshes web all the time. However updates of PageRank and uploads of new links happen roughly every 3 months. See more on this in Matt Cutts post.


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  1. pp123 on

    Indeed – interesting results. One idea – google seems to consolidate results a lot. Maybe it perceives posts as so simmilar that it doesn’t record it properly. Also – across blogs. That could explain that these links are not captured… Just idea…

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