How will my banners perform on this site?

You don’t need very sophisticated analysis to see whether your banners will fare well on certain site. A lot you can tell by taking good look at the site itself. Here is couple of things to consider:

  • is the page loaded with graphic?
    If it is than you will have hard time getting noticed. Your banners will not stand out and will not be noticed. If would serve banners – they would be very effective as there are hardly any graphic elements. On the other hand – is quite loaded which makes it easy to miss the banners
  • how task oriented are site visitors
    Banners are most effective on the sites where people are not very focused. If you have website where people check stock market results – they are very likely to not pay attention to distracting signals. Same would likelly happen on the sites where people play online games. Better for spotting banners are portal where people are coming to check what’s new and interesting. In the middle are search engines – in some cases people want to find something quickly, in some others they are just exploring.
  • are banners appearing right on first screen
    That one is quite obvious – people don’t often scroll down on the pages. If your banner is not visible within 1024×768 screen – it’s likely to be missed. Pick the sites where your banners will appear on first screen.
  • is the subject of the site connected with topic of your ad
    That’s very basic rule of banner effectiveness – staying relevant. If you have site on weight loss than it’s good place for weight loss programs but maybe also also for exercising equipment. Google does it really well with content targeting.
  • are banners separated from the content of the page
    If banners appear only outside of the text of the page and are part of the page frame they are easy to ignore. If this is the case your banners will net be very visible and noticed. Blending ads into the main content ensure that visitors see them as part of their browsing.
  • does the page has lots of animations?
    animation is asking for attention and distracting from other page elements. Try showing your banner successfully on the following page. Again – on such pages your banner will not stand out enough to be noticed.
  • usage of colors on the page
    If you show color banner on black and white page it will be very visible. The opposite is also true – if the page is very colorful than your banner will not be noticed. small idea – big monochrome banner can stand out on colorful site. In general – the sites that use little variety of color are better. It’s easier to prepare the banner that will be noticed.
  • formats of banners
    Internet users are more and more banners immune. It means that they learn to ignore things that looks like banners. There are also software packages helping to avoid downloading and showing banners. Your non-standard banners should be more effective and website you are targeting needs to support it.

I hope that answering these questions will help you to decide whether to advertise on the site or not. All your comments are very welcome!


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