Sep-11 – memories of websites

It’s been 5 years from Sep-11 and WTC attack. I remember the day very well. When I’ve learned about this I was in the office. It was really strange moment when news broke out. Normally I would say that the world should speed up in such case. But not here – it seemed like everything has stopped. BBC - Sep 11 People started to crowd in groups and tried to search for information on news websites. But all the Internet seemed to crash.

The websites were so overcrowded that you couldn’t see almost anything. When people tried to refresh and reloaded – little pieces of information were revealed – sometimes chapter of story, some title, shocking image. It only increased the atmosphere of fear and uncertainty.

It was long and slow day – I couldn’t do anything but search for information and try to understand what happened. Despite the issues – Internet was clearly the best place to get news and start getting picture of the situation.

In the pictures that you see right in this post you can see screenshots of websites – BBC, CNN, New Your Times – that were so difficult to see access at that tough day. Click on them to see the full size screen. Thanks to and its wayback machine we can look back into that day – from perspective of main websites.

CNN - Sep 11NYTimes - Sep 11


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