Checking and comparing website traffic

It’s out there already for some time but still worth to remind. I’m referring to Alexa which is offering rich choice of metrics and statistics of websites all around the world. You can use it to check traffic of your site as well.

Alexa is gathering data via special toolbar that people install on their machines that gathers data on their browsing behavior. This way Alexa has neutral way to see and compare traffic on sites worldwide. Due to nature of this method it’s not 100% bullet-proof. However for majority of sites with significant traffic it provides good estimation and ranking.

I was happy to see that Alexa provides some data on my blog traffic. It’s good sign of Alexa coverage of Internet browsing actually. You can see my traffic data here.

traffic trends for expedia and travelocityStarting with Alexa is easy – just type in the site you are interested in and click on “Get traffic details”. There is nice opportunity to include other site traffic on the same chart and compare. You can also browse categorization and see top ranking in each category. Check out most visited travel sites out there. I was very surprised to see how traffic is declining for all travel sites. I can imagine that Sep-11 tragedy has hit the travel industry. Interesting enough the decline is quite rapid this year as well…

Enjoy comparing and bencmarking! All comments and feedback is welcome! 


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