Picking right air conditioner on Samsung website – review

We had some very hot days this summer and I’ve started to think about buying air conditioner for my house. What’s better place to search for suitable one than Internet. As I know almost nothing about air conditioner myself this was to me good way to check how company website can look like for someone that is not subject expert.

Samsung homepageI’ve picked Samsung as company big enough to offer lots of products that also sells air conditioning machines. www.samsung.co.uk was my place of start.

The homepage is not too cluttered considering how broad the Samsung offer is. The link to “Products” is quite nicely visible. Product categorization seems quite natural and air conditioning is available as last item on list of “Home Appliances”.

Samsung air conditioning products pageIssues started when I click to the page on air conditioners. I’ve got 3 groups of conditioners – Home & Work, Built-In Air Conditioning, DVM Systems. I want to buy it for home but maybe “Built-In” ones are good as well. I guess I would need to check what they are built-in in. DVM ones sound sophisticated but have no clue what DVN means. I have possibility to choose specific model. However the choice is between names like SH12AWH, MH052MDEA and about 30+ similar meaningless one.

I try Home & Work and have bad surprise – “Page not Found”… Than I try built-in ones and luckily get the working page with list. You can see it here on the right – it even had photos. However – all photos looks exactly the same and names are again meaningless lists of digits and letters.

Air conditioning products listI miss here right categorization of products and names that mean something also to user who is not expert in field. I miss also “help me choose” kind of tool and/or advisor that starts with question – “what place do you want to air condition?” and then asking couple of simple question that helps to pick the right one. I’m guessing that these question could be about size of the room, is it system for whole house or just one room, do I sleep in this room, do I want to have heating as well…

I miss also comparison tool that would allow me to get side-by-side different models so I can check their differences when I start to understand my options better.

Enough of the wish list! Air condition featuresI pick one of the model and go to the product page. There is no description. There is list of features – I attach it here on the left. Most of the features doesn’t mean a thing for me. The only one that I can understand is “Slim and lightweight design…”. Most important is capacity range but all it sais is “5,1 kW to 14 kW”. It doesn’t tell me whether it’s sufficient for my place or not.

None of the product pages tell me how loud the machine will be. Can I put it in my room where I sleep? It also doesn’t tell how much money can it cost to run the whole thing during hot summer. When features list is prepared – it needs to be around customer questions and needs.

Well – I failed in understanding Samsung product range or knowing what I do need. I’m not closer to the purchase that I’ve been. In this case – even if I would new the industry and understand these products better – Samsung website wouldn’t be helpful – difficult to compare and understand features, no pricing info for products. We could go on but I hope you get my idea here.

I encourage you to do similar exercises. Pick industry you don’t know. Start browsing the site of vendor and see how often you will find it unfriendly and unclear. When cursing it silently keep in mind your website and your market. That’s how many people feel on your site. Kinda reality check! Good luck! 🙂


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  1. H. Ackermann on

    where are your product range with specs on all your Air- conditioning units ?????

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