Are your subscribers really reading your Newsletter?

Great communication with customers is online newsletter. You add it to your website… You make subscription form as visible as possible and as smooth as possible, you give bonuses and benefits for signing up. And then you relax counting how tons of people start signing up.

But are they actually reading your newsletter? The survey done by Marketing Sherpa with CNET tried to see what happens. For frequent newsletters customers start to get bored after about 60 days. Then they often stop reading you newsletter. The question was – what do they do then?

The bad news are:

  • more than 10% will report your newsletter as spam to their spam filter. And they will do it even when they clearly opted in for it first place. Wach out for this as it can mean – especially in business environment that your newsletter can get picked up by company filters and you don’t only loose one individual customer but rather whole company
  • 9% just ignores than – most likely becoming more and more irritated with your company. Also – you may have false stats of how many people receive and read your emails

There are also some good news luckily. They are:

  • 34% of people still occasionally scan it quickly when time permits – for them if you do good content you can try to win them back
  • more than 40% tries to go through your unsubscribe process – make sure your unsubscription is easy – otherwise you may get into anti-spam filters or get annoyed customers that curse you every time they need to remove another copy of your newsletter

You can see other good advices from Marketing Sherpa  in the executive summary and samples of this good report here or purchase the whole report in SherpaStore.

What do you do with unwanted newsletters? What is your response to these study? All your comments are welcome!


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