Update on my Google search engine optimization efforts

Couple of days ago I’ve given you story of my article with review of Expedia website called best online flight booking website. It scored very well with Google and ranked very high in couple of important keywords. I did some tests and optimizations of this post to achieve high ranking in Google and wrote post about my efforts. You can read my post on search engine optimization with Google.

Here I’d like to update you on my further SEO efforts on the article since then. Most important was to correct the keywords I’ve chosen for optimization. I’ve stoped mentioning flight booking “engine” and started calling it “website“. I’ve updated it consistently in title and copy of the post as well as the links that pointed to the post.

I’ve also reviewed text of the post to more consistently mention online flight booking through the post (don’t use shortcut but the full phrase instead). Some search engine optimization (SEO) experts claim that being too consistent can actually harm your ranking in Google as Google starts to suspect that page is too much SEO-oriented and too little valuable from content side. It’s called keyword stuffing and certainly Google tries to detect this. However for me all worked just fine.

Beeing with my blog on WordPress gives me quite advantage. One of the reasons for this is the tag directory pages on WordPress. They list the post and provide valuable links into my pages.

One of the often asked questions in your SEO efforts is – when will Google rescan my pages and when my changes will become visible. Everyone wants to see results of the changes ASAP. It depends heavily on the value of the site as perceived by Google. For valuable sites (and blogs in WordPress domains are seen as valuable) you get rescanned at least once per week. So wait patiently! 🙂

Result? – TaDaaaa! I’m #1 in “flight booking website“, I’m also within 1st page of “best flight booking“. Of course things even improve when you add “best” to the keywords. However all works fine even in shorter form. Don’t be surprised when you see other results on Google at this very moment – Internet is ever changing.

BTW – I start to get traffic on search engine optimization (SEO) related keywords also now – on my posts with story on how I got ranked on Google so nicely. 😉


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