How much money can you earn with Google AdSense?

What if want to earn decent salary with Google AdSense. What kind of site you need to have to earn lets say $100,000 per year. In nutshell – quick calculation shows that you will need to have ~14000 page views per day for your site targeting average priced keywords. Or maybe 2740 pageviews/day for high priced keywords (btw – highest paid keywords are in legal space).

If you want to learn about costs of the keword – check my post on this subject – The real cost of buying Google keywords.

Of course it’s all number game but you get the idea. Whole analysis was done very well by ZillionBits blog. All the best in your career selling ad space on your sites! 🙂


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  1. fun world on

    ok thanks. i like the information and waiting….

  2. […] Now that you know how much keywords cost – you can check my post with calculation – How much money can you earn with Google AdSense? […]

  3. Tom on

    To the burning question everyone is wanting to know – is it possible to buy a 14000 page website with high paying keywords from eBay?

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