Write to me! not to average Joe

When creating texts for newsletter and for your website it’s very difficult to make it appealing for people. It usually seems dry and unattractive. It takes good copywriter to write powerful and persuasive copy. The key is to make it sound like it’s written not for average Joe but for you (yes – YOU).

Barbara (example persona)The idea is to create personas. Personas are profiles of concrete customers. They don’t have to be actual live and interviewed customers but need to well represent demographic group. Such profile of persona needs to be created in very detailed way – where does the person live, what are her interests and hobbies, how does she looks like (photo is very welcome), what is important for her, what makes her tick. After reading such profile you need to feel like you know this person pretty well and you know how to speak with her. 

Marketeers should create couple of such personas that represents various customer groups and then – when preparing something – creating website, promotion, writing text for newsletter article – they should always do it for specific persona, not for average, unidentified customer. The copywriter should always ask himself – “Would Barbara be interested in this article?”.

This makes creating copy so much easier and makes the texts so much more attractive to people. Surveys show that more and more companies plan to adopt persona based copywriting within next year (40% of IT hardware companies in 2006).

Worth consider for your website/newsletter/blog.


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