Business usage of blogs (part 2) should you start company blog?

More and more of the companies start their company blogs. Great – this means clearly that they are trendy. However it’s not right game for everyone. Here are couple of questions you need to ask yourself:

Are you ready for two-way discussion with customers?
Most companies believe that they have messages to customers. Blogs are about two-ways communication. If idea of discussion with customers is new and strange to you – don’t start it. If you already have ways to communicate with customers – blogs are great extensions to it. Be also prepared to react to customer feedback. You’ll loose customer confidence if they don’t see you reacting.

How much control you need to have over communications?
Some companies need to crosscheck legally every statement they make. If you look more like this – don’t start blog. It’s pointless.

Do you have something important and unique to say?
Press releases are not material for blog entries. You need to give more insight story in light way. You can ask for feedback and poll customers.

Have human face on the blog
Most of the successful blogs are done by real live people – with their unique styleand tone. Although some companies start company blog it’s usually better when someone (especially high level) is representing company there.

Some good examples of company blogs are Amazon Web Services Blog and Wells Fargo Guided by Historyblog. Example of company blog that looks good, is well maintained but lack life and guts is The Lobby – done by Westin hotel chain. Good blog but lacking two-way communication is Google blog.

Do you have other reality checks for successful company blogs? Have some good or bad examples? Your comments are very welcome!

In next parts I’ll give some examples of marketing usage of blogs and ideas on when blogs are best formats for company websites. See the next chapter on adverblogs.


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    I wonder if web industry affected by crisis as well? and to what extend? Will the admins continue this web?

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