Is worldwide equal to US?

Many of the top global companies are of US origin. When these corporation grow, globalize and start to earn more and more money from international operation – they start to question themselves. What should be the content of it’s website. There are three approaches out there:

  • international traffic can be ignored – this means that, are actually US websites. This creates lots of confusion for customers. My company has website for Middle East as whole covering 10 countries there. We’ve checked traffic coming from one of these countries – from United Arab Emirates. It turned out that 20 (twenty) times more people from UAE visit US side instead of ME one which has information relevant to them.
  • is worldwide bridge page – check out or When you enter these site you are upfront asked for the country you are coming from. This is much better solution especially if you give option to remember your choice. This way you make sure that people sites that are relevant for them.
  • is truly worldwide site – this is most popular with big companies of international (especially European) origin. Check out or This solution I like most. You will find your relevant information there and wherever you access information that are country dependent – you will need to decide – which country you are interested in.

Lets keep in mind global traffic that might be misled. Especially from small countries where people might not be sure which company site is relevant for them.


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