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Web 2.0 – what’s hype, what’s real?

I suggest you read this great analysis of Web 2.0 and what it means. It’s from November 05 but it’s really well thought-out so it’s still very valid now.

The users/visitors rules – they are in charge – deciding what’s the web should look like, what should the content be. Blogs were always like this and they are mainstream now. It’s Web 2.0 guys!



Welcome to my blog on webdesign and webmarketing. I’ve decided to share my thoughts related to good and bad practices on the web. I do it professionally – I work in one of the worldwide leading technology corporations managing its internet organization for Europe.

I’d like to use my blog to propagate good practices and wise usage of Internet for companies. Companies invest huge dollars to present itself on the web. Way too often it’s done without asking basic questions – why do we do it? What our customers needs online from us? What people to do on our sites? How we want the people to perceive us?

It was way too often clear that websites are created just for sake of having them as everybody else does. Within my blog I’d like to share ideas and tools on how to use the web so it’s worthy for companies and its customers. Stay tuned!